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Tuliyam Lake Trek

5+ Destinations
Cost: ₹-2200 / 1pax 2D/1N


Tarsar Marsar Trek

15+ Destinations
Cost: ₹-9999 / 1pax 6D/5N

Know More About Trekking In J&K

Trekking in Jammu & Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture.As the trekker climbs higher, the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak and finally Burch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colorful wild flowers. The simple villagers in the plains with their fruit orchards and paddy fields are replaced by migrant families of Nomads /Gujjars, herdsmen who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle in search of greener pastures.

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